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On the evening of Friday, August 31st, 2018, between 6.30 and 9.30pm, I shall be holding a one-off display/sale event, featuring my latest Copic Marker Pen Cityscapes.

This will take place at The Artworks Elephant, Elephant Rd, London SE17 1AY. This event represents 17 years since my last full day of good health pre car crash, and should be seen as a celebration of creativity developing from incapacity – a journey which began in Barcelona in the Autumn of 2012, and which has culminated – for now, at least – with my monochrome and single colour ‘transparent figure’ drawings of life in the world’s major cities…. Creations I love making and which are, hopefully, instantly recognisable as my work. At this event there will be 15-20 all new Cityscapes (London, Tokyo, Berlin, Nagoya, Barcelona, New York and others…) displayed, signed and for immediate sale, including the accompanying images.

This collection of images are described as ‘Cityscapes – Take Two’, because they have all been created over the last 6 months and document a change – and hopefully improvement – in technique, composition and execution. Although, of course, one never stops learning, I see these particular works as demonstrable of my resultant comfort and ‘skill’ with this particular style of drawing. I still don’t really know where this method came from – I just always think of that first time when I sat down near Shinjuku Police Station in Tokyo, drew the buildings and then, for some reason, just drew the outlines of the multitudes of the passers-by. I reckon everything we create represents the recycling of everything we have ever seen and absorbed, so is a reflection of every other artist or influence we have encountered. But also, maybe more importantly, every life experience, good or bad, whether related to Art or not…

All these new works are of a minimum A2 size, and some are A1 or larger. Also offered for sale on this evening, will be everything currently listed as available in the shop on my website.
Obviously, there will be some music, nibbles and drinks available.

After this event, this website will change, and these products – if any are left! – will appear in the ‘Shop’, here. And, as regards future works and creations – well, I think many things will change. But, for now, the most important thing is this event. I hope to welcome you on Friday 31st!


London – Elephant and Castle.


London – Paternoster Square.


London – Tower Bridge.


Berlin – Fredrick Street.


Nagoya – East.


London – Canon Street.


Tokyo – Shinjuku.


London – Fitzrovia.


London – Blackfriars.

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